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Pearce West Employment Solicitors is led by Jonathan West, a qualified solicitor with 30 years experience of acting in Employment and Unfair Dismissal claims.

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Unfair Dismissal

Mr D was dismissed from his position for alleged breach of procedures. We won his case at Tribunal after a 4–day hearing.

Jonathan West explains...

"I was consulted by our client Mr D who had been dismissed from his job as a manager for a local large government employer. He had worked there for over 25 years and was a respected and popular leader – maybe he was a bit 'old school' in not always following the letter of every policy/procedure, but he always got the job done well.

When I first met him he was at total 'rock–bottom'. One of my first tasks was to help 'pick him off the floor' and to give him the confidence to bring a case for Unfair Dismissal.

The case itself was very hard–fought – the employer made threats to pursue him for their legal costs if he lost, but I advised him to carry on with the case as I could see that the employer had behaved in a very unfair way in dismissing him for a relatively minor breach of their procedures – it was a classic case of them making a 'mountain out of molehill'. I suspect many lawyers would have given up, but based upon my years of experience of dealing with similar 'un–winnable' cases in the Reading Tribunal, I could see that with good presentation the case should be viewed well.

We eventually had the hearing at Reading Tribunal over 4 days – against us were the massed ranks of the employer with its Barrister and 2 Solicitors and HR professionals. They must have spent literally thousands of pounds in defending the claim!

After some strong cross–examination by me of their main witnesses, we were able to demonstrate that the employer's disciplinary process had been hopelessly unfair, and that the decision to dismiss the client for, at worst, a minor breach of procedures was considerably out of the bounds of all reasonableness.

The case was ultimately won handsomely by us, with substantial compensation agreed, and the client felt fully vindicated for having stood up for himself."

Gross misconduct disciplinary hearing

We represented a client who was suspended from work due to an allegation of making abusive comments on a social media site.

Jonathan West explains...

"We were consulted by a client who was employed by a Thames Valley IT company. He had been suspended from work due to an allegation of making very abusive comments about managers on social media, and was facing a disciplinary hearing for gross misconduct.

I could see from the start that the client, who had been advised up to now by his Trades Union, was definitely heading for the rocks!

He had up to now been effectively trying to 'defend the indefensible' – casting around trying to make out it was everyone's fault but his own, which was far from the case. I could sense that if he carried on with that approach he would be sacked for gross misconduct.

But he desperately needed to keep his job – he was the sole carer for an elderly relative, and he had no savings to fall back on.

I advised him to change strategy completely – I had dealt with this employer before, and recognised them as being fair–minded if he accepted responsibility for his actions.

I advised that he should now turn up to the disciplinary hearing and accept he had been wrong, and to make an unqualified apology to those that he had offended. He would also explain that he had been drunk when making the abusive remarks, partly as a result of the stress of some recent personal problems, that had happily now been resolved.

He followed my advice, and the employer gave him a chance to prove himself with a final warning, rather than dismissing him.

Job done, with another very happy and relieved client!"

Suspension from work due to fraudulent expenses allegation

When a fraudulent expenses claim led to a suspension, we helped our client to reach an amicable solution with her employer.

Jonathan West explains...

"I was consulted by a client who was suspended by her employer after allegations were made about her 'fiddling' her expenses.

She was adamant that she had not been dishonest, but it was clear after reviewing all her papers that she had not been as careful as she should have been with her paperwork supporting her expense claims.

She frankly didn't want to stay working there any longer, and also didn't want the stigma of a possible gross misconduct dismissal on her record for the future.

I suggested that before the disciplinary hearing took place we make an approach to the employer on a 'without prejudice' basis to explore the option her leaving her job by mutual agreement – with reasonable 'pay-off' – rather than have to go through the disciplinary process with all the uncertainties for both parties.

The employer agreed with this idea and after a month of negotiations a deal was agreed for her to leave by agreement, with a termination payment of several months pay to 'tide her over' until she could hopefully find another job, and it also agreed to pay all of her legal fees with us.

As it happened, she phoned me up a few weeks later and told me that she had been able to find another job much quicker than she had expected, so she was very happy with the outcome."

Unfair Dismissal after 7 years work

We acted for Mr S, who was dismissed by his employers for returning to the company premises after they had been closed and locked up for the evening.

Jonathan West explains...

"We were contacted by Mr S who had been dismissed from his job as a supervisor in a local leisure complex for alleged security breaches, in that he had returned with a colleague to the company premises after they had been locked up, in order to retrieve some house keys he had forgotten.

Unfortunately he had set the alarm off, and a manager had to come out to deal with the false alarm. The client was then suspended and after a disciplinary hearing he was sacked for gross misconduct.

I thought that Mr S, who had worked for the company for over 7 years without any serious problems, had a strong case and I took his case on a 'No win, no fee' arrangement, and initially had discussions through ACAS to see if we could reach an amicable settlement of the case. However the company's lawyers refused all attempts to settle the case, insisting that they were in the right.

The case proceeded to a contested hearing at Reading Employment Tribunal, and I managed to show at the hearing that the company had not produced full disclosure of their documents to us, which clearly annoyed the Tribunal Judge. In cross–examination I also forced their main CEO witness to admit that the employer's own disciplinary and security policies were totally contradictory.

We won the case convincingly in the end, and very welcome compensation was awarded to our client."

Settlement Agreement negotiated for a depressed IT Salesman

Acting on behalf of Mr W, we successfully arranged a formal Settlement Agreement with his employer.

Jonathan West explains...

"I was contacted by Mr W who had been given my details by a former client who I had helped a few years previously.

Mr W was a Salesman in a Berkshire–based IT company, and he had worked successfully for 8 years in that role, always meeting or exceeding his sales targets. However, over the last year he had been given a new line–manager, who had been giving my client more and more unrealistic sales targets, had constantly been 'on his case' and 'sniping' at him in meetings etc.

My client explained that his health was suffering – he had not been sleeping well, and had recently been to see his GP with depression. He couldn't however afford to take any sick leave as the company only paid for 2 weeks absence before he went onto SSP and he had a young family he needed to support financially.

Recently the manager had threatened him with a Performance Improvement Plan – 'PIP'. Mr W knew that no matter hard he tried he couldn't do the numbers his manager was asking for, especially as he was totally de–motivated and drained.

He said he was ready to hand in his notice and just get out, and try to find another job. I suggested however that the company may be receptive to us making a 'Without Prejudice' approach for a deal for him to leave under an agreed settlement. I explained that I thought that he had been treated very badly, and there was enough 'ammunition to fire' at the company to threaten a strong case for Constructive Unfair Dismissal – and that even if they were trying to get him out under the PIP, it would take at least 3 months to go through and they would still need to give him his contractual 8 weeks' notice at the end.

We therefore wrote to the company and after a couple of weeks of negotiations we ended up agreeing for my client to receive a package worth approx 8 months' pay plus an agreed reference, and this was then put into a formal Settlement Agreement.

Job done! And a happy client, who I spoke to a few weeks later when told me he had found another job and all his health issues had cleared up."

Testimonials received from clients to Jonathan West.

"Dear Jonathan,

May I take this opportunity to thank you for the work you have done on my behalf. It's been a pleasure working with you."

Mr W (October 2019)

Case notes: E–mail from client after finalising his Settlement Agreement.


"Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for replying so quickly. Your advice is much appreciated and has helped me a lot throughout this stressful time. Thankfully it is over now."

Mrs L (September 2019)

Case notes: E–mail from client after finalising ACAS settlement for her Tribunal case.


"Hi Jonathan,

Thank you very much for all your help. I really appreciate what you did."

Ms C (August 2019)

Case notes: E–mail from happy client after she had received her settlement for her Tribunal case.


"Super Jonathan! Thanks for all your help and guidance, it's been a rollercoaster of emotions, I'm very happy with the result. The money was important, but for me it was more about the principle of him not getting away with it. You did an excellent job. Well done."

Mr L (June 2019)

Case notes: E–mail from client after finalising ACAS Settlement following his claim for Unfair Dismissal and breach of contract.


"Thank you again for all of your advice over the last couple of days, I really appreciate it. It really helped me to find out what my options were/are in order to decide the best course of action. I'm just sorry that right now they still don't appear to realise that they've done anything wrong or know how angry I am about the way they've treated me.

Many thanks again."

Mrs D (April 2019)

Case notes: E–mail from client after giving her urgent general employment advice.


"Good Morning Jonathan,

Just wanted to share I received the agreed settlement payment, along with my P45 and final payslip. Thank you again for all your expert support throughout this process.

Thank you."

Mrs A (February 2019)

Case notes: E–mail from happy client after Settlement Agreement reached with her employer, after a lengthy negotiation for her to leave, under the threat of a performance improvement process against.


"Many thanks again for all your work on my Tribunal case ‐ I'm very pleased with the outcome and can now move on with my life."

Mr J (August 2018)

Case notes: E–mail from client at the conclusion of his case for Unfair Dismissal that ended with a negotiated settlement through ACAS.


"Thank you so much for your advice and support during the past few months.

Best wishes."

Mr J (July 2018)

Case notes: E–mail from client's husband after we had advised her on disciplinary process that her employer was taking against her that concluded by no action being taken.


"Many thanks for the care and attention you paid to my recent settlement agreement transaction. The speed and efficiency with which you handled it was outstanding and I am very happy with the outcome."

Mrs B (June 2018)

Case notes: E–mail from client after we had advised her on settlement agreement with her former employer after a performance improvement plan was threatened against her.


"Many thanks again for this – and for all of your help and advice this week once again, truly. I am sincerely very grateful.

Warm thanks again for all of your help and expertise – especially given the back and forth nature of it all over the past few weeks. I've found the whole thing pretty stressful to deal with so I'm doubly grateful for your calm and expert assistance with it all."

Ms F (May 2018)

Case notes: E–mail from client at the conclusion of a difficult and complicated set of negotiations for her to leave her employment


"It was great to meet with you yesterday.

I'm very grateful for the advice you gave me and I have realised that I now have to close this chapter and move on and see if I can rebuild my career at a later date.

I'm very impressed with your service and will be using you again and I will recommend you to friends and family."

Mr F (April 2018)

Case notes: E–mail from client after we had a consultation regarding his case for Unfair Dismissal, when we advised him that his case not strong enough to pursue


"You helped me achieve a great outcome and I am loving my new business and better work life balance.

All the best."

Mrs G (February 2018)

Case notes: E–mail from client after we thanked her for recommending one of her friends to us.


"Hi Jonathan, yes the fraud charge was dropped and she received a verbal warning for her attitude towards a member of staff.

Thank you for your help!"

Mr P (January 2018)

Case notes: E–mail from client after we had been advising his wife on how to handle the disciplinary hearing that her employers were to hold against her. Outcome of only a verbal warning was very pleasing.


"Morning Jonathan – That's great news and glad it's all finally over and justice has prevailed. Thank you again for your expertise and patience."

Mr V (November 2017)

Case notes: E–mail from client after finalising his COT3 settlement through ACAS for threatened Tribunal Claim for Unfair Dismissal.


"Hi Jonathan, Just an email to thank you for all your support. I really appreciate it and I do not think I could have done it without you."

Mr A (October 2017)

Case notes: E–mail from client after we had reached a settlement in his Employment Tribunal Claim shortly before the Tribunal hearing was due to commence.


"Jonathan, thank you so much for your help, it was a pleasure to know you."

Mrs M (August 2017)

Case notes: E–mail from client after finalising ACAS COT3 settlement paperwork for threatened Tribunal Claim for Unfair Dismissal.


"Thanks Jonathan for all you hard work and understanding in getting all this finished. I am delighted with the overall deal and can now move on with my life. Best wishes…"

Mr P (July 2017)

Case notes: E–mail from client after Settlement Agreement completed with his employer, after negotiations for him to leave his job.


"Jonathan West was very clear, helpful and easy to communicate with when I contacted him following a very positive recommendation from another lawyer who I use regularly but does not deal with employment law. Jonathan’s response to my question was immediate, and at no point during the resolution of the situation I consulted him over was it difficult to get in touch. All my questions were very clearly and thoughtfully answered, and he resolved the rather unusual problem very quickly and satisfactorily, without any loss of goodwill on the side of either party.

Jonathan was generous in the phone time he gave me, and very clear, unpatronising and straight in our dealings. His professionalism has been demonstrated by the outcome of the problem, and the time and effort he demonstrably put into it (his processing of a document offered to me to sign, and his editing of it, was not only fast, thorough and very detailed, but in addition to his phone and email help amounted to a considerable amount of work). I recommend him and his professional help unhesitatingly to anyone needing support in a legal question to do with employment."

Mrs D (June 2017)

Case notes: E–mail testimonial from client after finalising Settlement Agreement for her to modify her employment in unusual circumstances.


"Jonathan was brilliant. He took a difficult situation and calmly and professionally broke the situation down. He was able to work out a solution and negotiate on my behalf. Taking the stress and anxiety away from me. Would highly recommend."

Mrs P (May 2017)

Case notes: E–mail from client after Settlement Agreement reached with her employer, after a lengthy negotiation for her to leave, under the threat of a performance improvement process against her.


"Thank you for everything that you have done – you have been brilliant!"

Mr P (April 2017)

Case notes: E–mail from client after finalising Settlement Agreement for his wife to leave her employment with substantial compensation, after a horrendous experience of being bullied.


"Thank you very much Jonathan, for your efficient services, and for your help in this case.

With kind regards"

Mrs B (March 2017)

Case notes: E–mail from client after Settlement Agreement reached with her employer.


"Thank you so much again for all of your help and advice. It was a horrible time for me and you really helped make the process easier.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted now it's all over.

Thanks again"

Mrs K (February 2017)

Case notes: E–mail from client after settling her employment dispute with her employer.


"Thank you very much Jonathan, I received the bank transfer.

Thank you once again for taking my case when there was no one to help me. May God bless you.

With kind regards."

Mr N (January 2017)


"Pearce West represented me in a recent settlement agreement with my employer. Jonathan West's advice was extremely helpful, not on the legal aspects but also in protecting my financial and future employment interests. In addition he advised me on the best strategy to negotiate with my employer in a cooperative way to reach a rapid and fair outcome. His approach was straight forward and pragmatic and I have no doubt that my settlement was much improved as a result. I would not hesitate to recommend Pearce West to anyone seeking advice or representation on a dispute with their employer."

Mr A (December 2016)

Case notes: Website Review from client after acting for him in employment dispute with his employer.


"Thanks Jonathan for your advice – you immediately identified the key potential risks and added a number of clauses to protect against these.

I'm grateful for you doing a very quick and thorough job of protecting my interests.

Best wishes."

Mr B (November 2016)

Case notes: Review from client after acting for him in employment dispute with his employer.


"Just wanted to write to you and say many thanks for dealing with my Settlement Agreement process so speedily and professionally – it was much appreciated.

Best wishes."

Mr S (September 2016)

Case notes: E–mail from client after we had advised him on his Settlement Agreement his company.


"Many thanks Jonathan, I was very pleased to get the result we did and relieved that the dismissal case is now over.

I can now move on with my life! Cheers!"

Mrs N (August 2016)

Case notes: E–mail from client after settling her Tribunal dismissal and discrimination case.


"Many thanks again for your assistance Jonathan. Certainly appreciated the guidance and yes, all was concluded.

Thanks again!"

Mr E (July 2016)

Case notes: E–mail from client after conclusion of his Settlement Agreement process


"You will have absolutely no recollection of this case, but this time last year you assisted me in leaving my job after 12 years of employment. I just wanted to say a huge thank you as what was an extremely stressful time was helped greatly by your expertise and sensitivity.

I've now set up as a self employed consultant and if anything wish I'd left years ago!

Kind regards."

Mr H (June 2016)

Case notes: E–mail from client after we had advised and acted for him in termination package negotiations with his employer.


"I have just had a hand delivered letter giving me my job back.

A very big surprise to me – so I won't be needed your services to sue them after all...!

Many thanks for your assistance."

Mr D (May 2016)

Case notes: E–mail from client after he succeeds in internal appeal hearing after being dismissed, following our advice on how to handle the appeal.


"Thank you SO much – you may not quite appreciate what a great relief this is to me.

I am so grateful and thankful for your dealing with everything so efficiently and bringing matters to a successful outcome without any further stress, which I can well do without.

I cannot express how thankful I am to have come across you to represent me in this matter and your open and straightforward manner counts for a very great deal.

Best wishes."

Mr G (April 2016)

Case notes: E–mail from client after he we settle his case for Unfair Constructive Dismissal shortly before the hearing at the Employment Tribunal.


"Many thanks indeed, I confirm receipt of the monies into my account.

Thank you so much for the work you did for me on this matter, I am pleased we were able to bring this to a satisfactory resolution and that the other party saw sense and settled without going to Tribunal. I can only hope that they have learnt from this and now will be better placed to prevent a repetition for others in the same position that I found myself in.

Many thanks once again Jonathan."

Mr T (March 2016)

Case notes: E–mail from client after we reach a settlement of his Employment Tribunal claim shortly before the hearing.


"I just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks for the work you did for me in helping to sort the matter out – I am pleased that I can carry on with my job, and am looking for a brighter future with the company!

Good wishes"

Ms H (February 2016)

Case notes: E–mail from client after we had advised her in relation to her grievance process with her employer that was resolved in her favour.


"It has been so good to have your expertise and pragmatic swift responses to our employment contract issues. You have always been very sensitive to understanding the costs involved for us as a client, and I know that you have kept in mind the commercial realities all the way through. It was very comforting to have you working with us, and you were clearly very sympathetic to the problems we had to deal with.

Life being what it is, we may need to get further help at some point, in which case we now know where to come!

Best wishes."

Mr B (December 2015)

Case notes: E–mail from client after advice on problems with employer and advising on issues regarding variations to contract of employment.


"I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for your efficient help, pragmatic advice and professional support both now and in the summer. I have paid your invoice online today and with the greatest respect hope that I don't have to use your services again...! I will however happily recommend you to anyone who asks.

Kind regards."

Mrs B (November 2015)

Case notes: E–mail from client after advice on employment problems and advice on negotiating her exit from her job.


"I have received your documents and submitted the signed agreement as advised. I would like to thank you for your very professional and reassuring service.

Kind regards."

Mr H (October 2015)

Case notes: E–mail from client after advice on settlement agreement.


"Just to let you know the advice was spot on...

This will now enable our family to put this behind them and move on.

Thank you for your wise advice."

Mr N (September 2015)

Case notes: E–mail from client after advice on how best to extricate his daughter from some problems with her ex–employer.


"Thank you for your help and advice, it was very much appreciated.

With very best wishes."

Mrs W (August 2015)

Case notes: E–mail from client after advice on settlement agreement negotiations.


"It was a pleasure to meet you last week and I am grateful for your advice.

Kind regards."

Mrs G (July 2015)

Case notes: One–off piece of advice for client who was having some problems with her manager.


"I handed in all my company property yesterday, one day early, concluding my departure.

I thank you sincerely for your time and expertise and for the outcome that was reached.

With thanks and kind regards."

Ms F (June 2015)

Case notes: Acted for client in Settlement Agreement negotiations.


"Thank you, we are more than pleased with your excellent service and the end the result.

May we wish you and your family (and the London Irish!) all the best for the future."

Mr C (May 2015)

Case notes: E–mail from client after Tribunal case settled before the Hearing.


"Thanks – I'm pleased to say that we signed up the Settlement Agreement yesterday.

I am relieved to now be leaving them and moving on with my life – thanks for all your help and guidance through this process and for getting me such a good overall result!"

Mr M (March 2015)

Case notes: E–mail from client confirming that Settlement Agreement had been signed.



Thank you so much for all of what you have done!

You're a fantastic solicitor and I will be recommending you to everyone I know who needs one!"

Mrs W (January 2015)

Case notes: E–mail from client on hearing that terms of settlement had been agreed for her claims of discrimination and dismissal.


"Just wanted to take the time to say thank–you for all your help with my case.

I am much happier now and can go forward with my life – your guidance and counsel to me was invaluable.

Kind regards."

Mrs P (December 2014)

Case notes: Acted for client in negotiating and finalising terms of a Settlement Agreement.


"Just to confirm that the Company and I have just signed the Agreement.

I can't thank you enough for the help and wise counsel you have given me throughout this process. The outcome was right, but most importantly you helped me to think it all through, to make good decisions, well–grounded. I have got my wish of ending my time there happily.

Very warm regards."

Ms N (November 2014)

Case notes: Acted for client in negotiating a Settlement Agreement.


"You have been a great help and support to me and my family in difficult times. Much appreciated and many thanks."

Mr B (September 2014)

Case notes: Acted for client in negotiating a substantial Settlement Agreement deal over 4 months.


"I would like to thank you for all your help in bringing matters to a successful conclusion. The outstanding manner in which you have handled my case and the expert advice given to me has been invaluable.

I have been extremely impressed with the service you have provided me and I highly recommend your service.

Thanks again and all the best."

(August 2014)

Case notes: From client whose Unfair Dismissal case we settled.


"Yes, it was exceptionally helpful – thank you again for your advice and guidance again.

To me your advice is very reassuring, it's worth its weight in gold. Thank you."

(July 2014)

Case notes: Testimonial from a client who we have acted for over a number of years. The case was in relation to ongoing problems he had been having at work relating to disability adjustment issues.


"I take this opportunity to say my thanks to you in this case. I am really grateful to you for all the aspects and dedication which you showed in my case. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart."

Mr J (April 2014)

Case notes: We settled his case on favourable terms.


"Thank you so much for all your help Jonathan. It's very much appreciated."

Mr S (February 2014)

Case notes: We won his contested case for Unfair Dismissal at Reading Employment Tribunal.


"The outcome was a 12 month warning. I handled the situation exactly as you directed me. Thank you so much."

Mr C

Case notes: We advised on his disciplinary hearing when he was facing a gross misconduct allegation.


"I would like to say a big thank–you for all the work you have done reference to my Tribunal Case. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you and appreciate you taking the case on."

Mr R (November 2013)

Case notes: We won his Tribunal Case for Unfair Dismissal


"I would like to thank you for instilling the confidence in me to communicate with my Employer. It was a pleasure meeting you."

Mrs R

Case notes: We advised regarding a grievance with her employer.


"Can I take this opportunity to thank you for your prompt attention and excellent advice which has resulted in a satisfactory conclusion."

Mr W (late 2013)

Case notes: Concluded his Settlement Agreement.


"Just to confirm that I have received the money today and a huge thank–you for all your help in the matter. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone I ever encounter in similar need in the future."

Mr W (late 2013)

Case notes: Settled his Tribunal case.


"I am very happy with the results that Jonathan West offered and delivered regarding my Employment Tribunal case. He made sure I understood every step of the process for which I was able to make informed decisions and achieve the best possible outcome. Having visited some other firms before, I strongly recommend Pearce West Employment solicitors services: impeccable, knowledgeable, professional yet human."

Review received from Google Maps.


"I recently found myself selected for redundancy from my position at an IT company I had been employed at for almost 13 years. I was recommended to Jonathan West from a friend who had used his services a few years ago. Jonathan advised me on the Compromise Agreement which my company had drawn up and went through everything in great detail. Jonathan was very professional and courteous and I had complete faith in his legal advice. I would happily recommend his services to anyone who is in need of employment law advice. The offices in Green Park are very nice and they even have a decent coffee shop in the foyer."

Review received from Google Maps.


"I was recently unfairly dismissed from my job of 7 years. I approached Pearce West Solicitors for help in taking my former employers to court. I found Jonathan West, the solicitor who handled my case from start to finish, extremely professional and approachable. I was kept up to speed at all times on the progress of my case, and at every step where there were options, these were discussed in detail with me. I never once felt that I was just another client, but was made to feel that my case was very important to Jonathan and his team. The case was settled to my satisfaction. I highly recommend these chaps for any employment problems, and I would not hesitate to use them again."

Review received from Google Maps.


"Apart from moving house I had never dealt with a solicitor before and instructed Jonathon for my Employment Tribunal Case against my employer. I had been left with Depression and Anxiety following my Unfair Dismissal and found life in general very difficult. Jonathon used his knowledge and expertise to guide me through the whole process. His support and mentorship through this difficult time was fantastic and I really felt he was fighting my corner for me throughout."

(May 2013)

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value.

Review received from LinkedIn.


"I strongly recommend Jonathan West's services. His firm delivered a supreme service from the very first moment I contacted Jonathan until the final positive result. The information and service provided was consistent and reliable allowing me to make informed decisions for which the ET process worked out in the most desirable way. I was very impressed to find such a high standard of service and expertise.

I found Jonathan to an extremely competent individual who has a very professional demeanour. He acts with the utmost integrity at all times and has an excellent grasp of detail. He communicates information both quickly and effectively and I have no reservation whatsoever in recommending Jonathan"

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

Review received from LinkedIn.


"It was a pleasure to work with Jonathan as he is a very competent, effective, responsive professional who achieves great results. I would recommend him without reservation."

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

Review received from LinkedIn.


"I highly recommend working with Jonathan. He is completely open, honest and professional. He gets outstanding results while being extremely professional and not missing a detail. He has a great ability to get straight to the point when explaining the issues and options and is great at keeping in touch and keeping you informed. I can't think of a thing he could improve on!"

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

Review received from LinkedIn.


About us

Why choose Pearce West?

Jonathan West has 30 years experience helping resolve employment claims for people across the Thames Valley and South East England.

No win – no fee

In many cases when you have a valid employment claim to the Employment Tribunal for Unfair Dismissal, Constructive Dismissal or a claim for breach of contract we can act for you on a "no win – no fee" basis.

In other words, we take the case on and if you win the case we charge you a fixed % of what you get from your former employer (either at Tribunal or through a settlement). If you lose your case we do not charge you a penny – so you can have the peace of mind of not having to lose any of your money on bringing a claim!

If we are not able to offer a "no win – no fee" arrangement we can bring a claim to the Employment Tribunal on a fee-paying basis, and we are always happy to work within agreed fee-budgets which goes to ensure that you keep control on legal costs as the case progresses.

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